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A bit about me

Hey there! Im Kurt, and Im all about bringing creativity to life through front-end development. My journey began with a passion for coding and design, which naturally led me to the world of crafting user interfaces. My experience stems from my university days, where I dipped my toes into full-stack development. Now, Im geared up to dive headfirst into the exciting world of professional front-end work. Ive had the pleasure of working with a bunch of front-end languages and frameworks like React, Next.js, and plain old JavaScript. What really gets me excited is discovering new ways to make interfaces pop, whether through hidden gems in documentation or the latest libraries. Lately, Ive been fascinated by generative AI technology, like the eye-catching mountain image gracing the top of this page. Its this kind of innovation that keeps my gears turning. Collaboration is my jam. From wearing the designer hat to stepping into the role of a team lead, Ive done it all during my university team projects. Whether its docs, front-end, back-end, or the full stack, Im in. When Im not coding, youll find me glued to the digital realm, soaking in seamless online experiences. Those aha moments inspire me to level up my skills, all for the sake of crafting memorable digital adventures. Join me on this genuine journey where I blend code and design to craft front-end experiences that make a statement. Lets create something awesome together!


University of Wollongong

bachelor of computer science


  • Major in Software Engineering
  • Major in Cybersecurity
  • UX/UI Design, HCI Principles, Networking, Problem Solving
  • Project Management, Agile Methodologies, Scrum















wizard battle

A simple 2D fighting game I developed to learn the basics of HTML canvas and practice some further object oriented programming skills. This project is all built in vanilla javascript with minimal HTML and CSS being used. I had a lot of fun building this one and definitely learnt a lot about the fundamentals of javascript and how to use it to manipulate the DOM.

OLPC Dashboard

A data visualisation dashboard developed by my team for a non-profit organisation called OLPC. I worked on the frontend design using Figma, which was then implemented using HTML and CSS before being converted into python elements to be used with Plot.ly. The project was developed for the capstone project tradeshow and was awarded second place runner up overall. The project is no longer live due to the privacy of the information however the github repo can still be viewed.

filmmaker portfolio

A portfolio website I designed for a filmmaker friend of mine to showcase his work. The site utilises React, implementing Next.js for server-side rendering. It is styled with tailwindcss and is fully responsive in its design to ensure that his work can be viewed by anyone at any time. The site utilises a number of react libraries such as framer motion, which are implemented seamlessly in the final design.

Second brain

A todo list created for the Odin Project. The project was built with native javascript and utilises local storage to save the users data. The project was a great way to practice my javascript skills and learn more about how to manipulate the DOM. The project is fully responsive and can be viewed on any device.

Kurts Kitchen

An online recipe book I developed to practice my React skills. The recipes are pulled from the mealDB API and are displayed in a responsive list.

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